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35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

Your bridal ensemble is almost completed; all you need now is makeup inspiration to finalize the look. If you need makeup ideas for a bride of any kind, your search is likely to end here. Our team has selected some of the most romantic and beautiful makeup looks that are ideal for all sorts of weddings.

1. Natural Wedding Makeup

Natural makeup look will emphasize your best features as it’s all about your glowing skin and neutral colors. Peachy lips and a touch of blush will create a tender and soft look. And a little pro tip – apply some highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes to make them pop.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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2. Smokey Wedding Makeup

The right makeup can help you look and feel your best on a day that is all about love. For more dramatic styles, try thick full lashes paired with smokey brown hues for your eyes. Go for nude lips and put on a white pencil eyeliner in your waterline for extra prominence.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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3. Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes

The best way to keep your skin happy during the summer wedding is by adding a light bronzer. You can even go for some monochromatic radiant eyeshadow and make it more interesting with mascara or just have one of those natural faces that we all love!

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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4. Wedding Makeup for Blue Eyes

Here is a cute gold eyeshadow look that will have your blue eyes looking phenomenal. Apply cream eyeshadow in golden champagne to cover the eyelid and build it up to make your eyes pop, then finish off with a thin black liner and voluminous lashes for an even more dramatic effect!

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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5. Wedding Makeup for Green Eyes

For green-eyed brides, a simple yet dramatic wedding look is going to be perfect. Use light matte shadows with black liner at both lash lines and focus on enhancing those lashes! You can also add some shimmer in your inner corner for an added dimension. For extra impact, apply individual lashes. These will make all of the difference in your wedding pictures.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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6. Glamorous Wedding Makeup

To add a little special to your eye makeup, try using lilac or pinkish hues. This trendy color will lighten up your look and draw attention to your pretty facial features. You can also use natural-looking false eyelashes to have all eyes on you!

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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7. Classic Wedding Makeup

This bride’s makeup is so on point it’s hard to take a bad picture. The ombré eyeshadow and lush eyelashes add just the right amount of sultry look that will make any guy want to dance with this woman all night long at their wedding. Add lipstick in a natural pinkish shade as another accenting feature to complement such an elegant shade tone.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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8. Simple Wedding Makeup Look

If you don’t want anything too heavy or complicated, nail natural makeup with a few key products that will highlight and frame every feature of yours in an elegant way while still making you feel like yourself – just elevated from what’s expected by everyone else at weddings.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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9. Light Makeup for Wedding

Blue eyes are enhanced the most by warm tones like coppers, golds, and browns. Adding a bit of highlight on your inner eye corners will really brighten it up! Big lashes won’t be bad either – they’ll accentuate everything from those big beautiful eyes down to perfectly filled out brow bone.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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10.Wedding Makeup for Black Women

Smokey eye, black-winged liner, and glowing skin will still feel stunning years after the big event! Also, this is a good example of how to do classic ombre lips. Apply brown lipstick on the outer lip corners and dab a lighter shade in the middle.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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11.Gold Wedding Makeup

Keep it simple with your makeup, choosing to highlight just one or two features. The full lashes and golden eyeshadows look gorgeous! The subtle flush on top of porcelain skin comes from using a natural lip tint and a delicately applied highlighter adds an extra glow across the apples of both cheeks.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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12. Black Wedding Makeup

If you want to give brown eyes the attention they deserve, select a palette with brown undertones. For a super-memorable look, add a white accent to the upper eyelids. Finish it all up with a bronze goddess glow all over the cheeks and a neutral pinky-brown ombre on your lips.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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13. Dramatic Wedding Makeup

When paired with red lips, this classic Old Hollywood glamour smokey eye will have chic appeal without being too dramatic or overstated. It’s a great idea for those who prefer their makeup natural looking but still want some flair in an effortless way.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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14. Pink Wedding Makeup

Rose gold makeup is the perfect choice for your big day. With its shimmer and pink blended in, it will complement any wedding or theme! You’ll look stunning with lash extensions and bushy eyebrows that will add emphasis to this amazing makeup style.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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15. Rose Gold Wedding Makeup

Take a look at another rose gold makeup variation that is worth adding to your collection. This combo of warm and cool will work great with whatever you’re already wearing, no matter how heavy or light – in its essence this color scheme can never fail! It brightens up pretty eyes while also adding radiance and some warmth on top.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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16. Burgundy Wedding Makeup

Beauty insiders no longer shy away from eyeshadows with red undertones and embrace this bold color wholeheartedly – even for weddings. If you’re still worried that your makeup will make eyes look bloodshot, then slowly build up the layers until you will have reached the desired tone.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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17. Subtle Wedding Makeup

You can’t go wrong with a soft, easy look. Start off with some shimmery white tone, then apply black eyeshadow to lightly accentuate the outer corners of your eyes. Next, use foundation or another light finishing product where needed – just remember not to overload yourself! For lips, keep it neutral and clean.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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18. Soft Makeup Look for Wedding

Here’s another look that will make you shine like the goddess of light! Highlight your eyes with some white and brownish colors. Then, add some lashes that will be voluminous enough to draw attention away from any imperfections. A nude glossy lip will be a nice finishing touch.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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19. Silver Glitter Wedding Makeup

Glitter is in full vogue at the moment. Keep it on top with an intense dark liner so that your eyes shine especially bright against dark eye shadows on the brow crease. This can be the color accent you never knew you needed.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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20. Sparkly Wedding Makeup

Consider this look as a more natural, feminine frame that won’t detract from other features while still making your eyes appear bigger. For brides who are worried that their eyes might look smaller, this is the perfect option. A thicker line leaves more of your eye area exposed, whereas sparkly glitter is a great accent if you’re looking to glam up the day!

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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21. Wedding Makeup for Light Skin

Would you like to make a statement with your wedding makeup? If the answer is yes, this can be done by exclusively focusing on one area of the face. Sharp chiseled cheekbones will give that wow factor, while an elegant yet strong accent on the eyes will take them to center stage!35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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22. Pretty Wedding Makeup

The cherry-toned shadow is a fun way to add the ’80s feel to your bridal makeup while still looking totally modern. Use your blush to blend out harsh lines. Apply it around the apples of your cheekbones all the way to your temples for an edgy airbrushed look. Finally, add extra accent with some lash extensions.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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23. Peach Wedding Makeup

Peach is a must-have undertone for anyone who wants to maintain their natural skin tone and keep things simple. With a monochromatic palette, you can create a memorable wedding look without having to worry about complementary colors. Besides, soft hues of peach go well with any wedding theme!

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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24.Red Lips Wedding Makeup

Yes, you can get married wearing this edgy wedding makeup! Yes, red lips are fine for the wedding! All of those beautiful accents will bloom with a natural skin tone. Finish off your sexy yet demure makeup with a touch of highlighter on the cheekbones to look absolutely stunning and classy.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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25.Vintage Wedding Makeup

This is a gorgeous combo for brides that are looking for some glamour and a subtle vintage feel. You can do it with or without the gold eyeshadow, but this color really helps create an old-fashioned vibe! For more of a modern twist, put some black liner on top and pair it with glossy pink lips.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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26. Wedding Makeup for Dark Skin

A great wedding look for dark-skinned ladies is a toasted, creamy eyeshadow with an added glimmer of shine. You can pull this ensemble together by getting all glowy – from bronzer and highlighter to trendy lip gloss and super thick false lashes.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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27. Romantic Wedding Makeup

A classy winged liner, eye-catching highlights, and pale pink lipstick go really well together as you can tell. Muted tones go hand in glove without overwhelming one another whereas full lashes add that romantic touch to the overall look.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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28. Purple Wedding Makeup

A combination of purple and silver with bold liner will amplify the look of any blue-eyed bride. It’ll make your gaze appear brighter – as if the color itself is shining right back at you! Also consider this: subtle grayish smoky eyes are great with glossy cold cherry lips.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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29.Boho Wedding Makeup

A boho-inspired wedding would be the perfect place to wear makeup like this. Use neutral taupe shades as a base and pair them with brown or bronze tones to add more depth to your gorgeous eyes. Gold shimmer along lash lines with some liner wings on top creates this breathtaking gradient look, whereas plum-colored lips provide a glossy finish.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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30. Winter Wedding Makeup

Take a glimpse at this cut crease brownish smokey eye look with a twist. These lashes and a black liner are perfect for an elegant yet sultry look that is both sweet and fierce. For a similar skin tone, we recommend dark maroon lips. They will add just enough sexiness without going overboard.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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31. Bohemian Wedding Makeup

If you are thinking about romantic bohemian hair for your wedding, consider contrasting makeup that will complement your style and make you look stunning on your big day. Avoid too much contouring or psychedelic eye shadow. Classy smokey eyes in burgundy shades with dark liner and long lashes would be a great option.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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32. Wedding Makeup for Blondes

The cat-eye is a timeless, feminine staple that never goes out of style. To match it up, go for more neutral eyeshadows and emphasize your blush from the apples of the cheeks for a youthful and fresh bridal look.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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33. Blue Wedding Makeup

Deep and mesmerizing, this ocean blue can really amp up your bridal look in myriad ways. The luxurious glossy texture and intense pigment complemented with extra long lashes make it the perfect choice for an alluring and glamorous wedding statement moment. Add some dramatic maroon lips and you will transform into a truly special bride!

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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34. Beach Wedding Makeup

What an idea for a daytime beach wedding! This makeup is absolutely stunning. Ombre fox-eyes create an illusion of a facelift, whereas bushy eyebrows balance the entire look with some natural feel. Plus, long eyelashes add a flirtatious vibe, making your gaze extra sexy.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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35. Red Bridal Makeup

Not every bride can pull off this bold red makeup look. However, if you are in for experiments, here’s something to think about. Bright smokey eyes with barbie doll lashes will create some Indian wedding feel whereas glossy red lip will add a glamorous western touch.

35 Wedding Makeup Looks for Every Bride

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