50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

For the longest time, people only had two nail shapes, and these shapes were round and square. However, there’s a nail shape that has been around for decades, but it hasn’t gained too much attention, specifically from the regular nail-bar goers. This shape is none other than coffin nails. Its name might have a weird sound to it, but trust us, coffin nails are super stylish!

Superstars and style icons are all over this nail style. If you want your nails to be bold, stylish, and versatile, coffin nails are the best nail choice. If you’re bored of the usual round nails and formal square nails, coffin nails are the answer! And you don’t have to worry because you can have them on your real nails or acrylics. There are various ways to style your coffin nails, but we’ve picked out the best for you.

Here are 50 awesome designs and ideas to rock your coffin nails!

1. Coffin Acrylic Nail Design

Are you too scared of growing your nails and shaping them coffin-style? That’s not a problem because acrylic nails will save the day. You can have it bold, or you could keep it dainty but elegant like these glossy-white acrylic nails with a slight hint of gold near the nail folds. It’s hard to go wrong with white. You may top this off with a cute diamond ring, and you’re ready to go.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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2. Short Coffin Nail Art

Have you had the wrong notion that only long nails look good with the coffin shape? It’s about time that we change that. Coffin nails can be worn short or long, depending on your preference and style. You may either want cute claws or razor-like ones, and you’d still look good any day. Like the nail art in the photo, you have to extend your nails slightly past your fingers and coat them with a neutral color and a sprinkle of gold dust.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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3. Coffin Ombre Nail Style

With coffin nails, there are no absolutes, particularly on color choice. If you’re feeling a bit playful, you may want to try on these pretty coffin ombre nails. When doing ombre nails, it’s best to start with the lighter color or shade on top and transition to the darker one when you reach the bottom. The safest options are complementary colors, like these white and peach ombre nails that almost look like an overextended French tip (with a lighter and lengthier tip, of course).

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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4. French Tip Coffin Nail Pattern

Speaking of a French tip, here’s a beautiful idea to snatch. For as long as we can recall, French tips are the classic, feminine, and sophisticated look. And you could upgrade that sophistication by applying the style on coffin nails. Plus, these French-tipped coffin nails aren’t your typical ones because we have here light, neon green tips on nude nail beds. These neon French tip nails are subtle but modern.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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5. Summer Coffin Nails

When we hear of summer, we think of vibrant and playful colors. That is what these coffin nails are all about. In the summer, when you’re out and about under the sun, it’s fun to have season-matching nails, too! With this minimal, slanted-lines design and the bright colors of summer–like yellow, orange, and hot pin, you can enjoy your coffin nails without them being too overbearing.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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6. Black Coffin Nail Design

Black is the perfect color for the edgy but chic ladies out there. Black is an edgy color, but the gloss on these nails exudes sophistication and the aura of being stylish. These black coffin nails can definitely enhance any look! And it looks best on ladies who frequent night parties and good times with friends under a disco ball.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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7. Long Coffin Nail Art

Long nails seem like the better option for nail arts for devoted coffin-nails lovers. Short nails are good, but long nails mean a larger art canvas. Unlike other nail shapes, long coffin nails have a more striking and edgy appearance. You could style your long nails with these iridescent blue glitters that seem fixed inside the acrylic nails and top the nail folds of at least two fingers with stunning rhinestones of different sizes.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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8. White Coffin Nails with Design

We’ve mentioned how beautiful the simple white coffin nails are, but these ones are on a whole new level of beauty. Get rid of the mundane and experiment on coffin nails with various designs. You may start by mixing and matching a couple of plain white nails and a couple more with glitter swirl designs and what seems to be bits of crushed crystals. Talk about winter on nails!

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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9. Spring Coffin Nail Style

Flowers in spring are a beauty to behold, but placing spring in your hands is magic you don’t want to miss. To look as enchanting as the blooming flowers during the spring season, treat your nails to a color splash of lilac and blue-green. Don’t forget to paint the flowers and bring out the sass with a whole lot of glitter. Magic isn’t usually safe, so remember not to play safe!

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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10. Medium Coffin Nail Pattern

If you think long coffin nails are a bit too much for you while the short ones are a bit too little, go to the safe zone and opt for medium length. To style your medium coffin nails, you must keep the tips flatter. You can also paint your nail beds with rich nude nail paint and draw thick swirls of white polish on top. The thick swirls foreground and its flatter tips add volume to the nails that aren’t as loud and pointed as the long ones and as subtle as the short ones.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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11. Nude Coffin Nail Design

White nails are simple, but they aren’t super subtle. On the other hand, nude coffin nails are simple, subtle, and sophisticated. If you’re a person of accessories, such as rings and bracelets, and you want more emphasis on your accessories, ditch the bold colors and go for nude. This color will make people notice your beautiful coffin nails without overlooking your glam accessories.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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12. Red Coffin Nail Art

Do you want to feel powerful and sexy at the same time? Or do you simply want to prepare for a hot date? Then, let your red coffin nails do the talking. Whatever the situation, you’ll feel powerful, sexy, and hot with your glossy and bloody red, long coffin nails. Whether you’ll be asked to sit as CEO or meet your lover for a romantic date night, your red coffin nails won’t fail you.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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13. Coffin Cute Nail Style

As mentioned, coffin nails are an exceptional canvas for cute nail designs. If you have a hard time deciding on the best design, give creativity and out-of-the-box thinking a try! You may imitate an ombre coffin nail, but instead of choosing plain colors, go for a fire-colored galaxy design by using hues of red, orange, and yellow. To avoid overdoing your nails, keep the lower portion of your nail beds nude.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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14. Coffin Fall Nail Pattern

Falls colors are a crowd favorite! To get prepped up for the fall season, remember that fall colors are the right combination of neutral and rich colors. These shades are warm and aesthetically pleasing to look at like the color of fall leaves. Fall colors include brown, nude, burnt red, and burgundy. Take inspiration from these brown and nude-colored nails where the nail beds are kept matte nude, and the extensions are a rich matte brown.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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15. Coffin Royal Blue Nails

If we see royal blue, we see wealth, luxury, and royalty. However, royal blue isn’t a usual manicure shade, so trying it out would feel like taking a risk. Royal blue nails would undoubtedly draw attention. If you’re undecided on your design, you may grab inspiration from this almost shell-like, royal blue nail art design. This design is achieved by placing different hues of blue and carefully merging them with the precise tool. To make it more unusual and fun, you may opt not to color your whole nails and leave patches of nude colors.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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16. Matte Coffin Nail Design

If you want a formal but trendy and less-overwhelming color for your coffin nails, matte colors will be your friend. This matte, old rose color is perfect when you don’t want to attract too much attention to your nails. It looks neat, toned-down, and trendy. However, you can also try bright and bold matte colors if you want to, but they won’t be as loud as the glossy ones.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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17. Pink Coffin Nail Art

We know how edgy and sharp coffin nails look, but if you want to lessen their edginess, paint them with a more feminine shade like a glossy light or baby pink. The light pink shade will balance out the boldness of the shape, and in turn, will make your nails appear less edgy. Also, light pink is often associated with little girls and Barbie. So if you put this shade on, your nails and hands would look younger and more innocent.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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18. Coffin Black Acrylic Nail Style

When we see the color black, it reminds us of two things–grief and edge. On nails, it’s the latter. Black nails and black everything often give an edgy, funky, and preppy vibe. And when placed on long coffin nails, it would surely grab attention. But if you want it to be less loud and a bit more toned down, paint your medium acrylic nails with glossy black. The medium length of the nails balances out the boldness of the color.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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19. Blue Coffin Nail Pattern

As much as red screams attention, an atypical rich blue shade would surely catch more attention. If you want bold and head-turner nails, book an appointment at your favorite nail bar and opt for a glossy, rich blue color. If you want it to be slightly less overboard, you may follow the picture and keep the tips less pointed.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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20. Coffin Halloween Nails

What’s Halloween if your nails aren’t part of the party? Typically, Halloween colors are similar to most fall colors—red, black, orange, and brown. However, if you want to be less spooky and more preppy, you can opt for a pink and translucent black combination. Keep the nail bed matte or muted pink and paint the nail extension and a thin part of the nail bed’s edges with a translucent black color. Don’t forget to embed the spirit of Halloween with nail art of cute and slightly spooky ghosts.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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21. Light Pink Coffin Nails with Glitter

If you grew up with Barbie, and you want to keep her spirit with you without looking too innocent and young, spice up your light pink coffin nails. To do this, you have to use light pink as your base color. Then, transition to the extensions with a glossy, transparent nail. Finish the look by adding pink iridescent butterflies and pink glitter dust. Make sure not to overdo the designs to retain the nails’ pink base.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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22. Valentine’s Day Nails Coffin Shape

When we think of Valentine’s, we think of flowers, hearts, cupid, and the color red. But if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a more youthful and less striking look, you can ditch the red coffin nails. You may opt for matte nude and neon pink nails. Make the matte nude color your base. Then, style some nails with neon pink ombre color, and the other nails with cute neon pink heart drawings. To add more fun, vary the design of the hearts.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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23. Christmas Nails Coffin Design

The usual shades of Christmas are bright red, gold, and green. If you want to break away from that tradition, you may do so. Red, green, and especially gold nails can be quite over the top. So, why not try this glossy, rich nude color on short-length coffin nails for a change? Don’t forget to add an element of Christmas on your nails, and a snowflake with tiny light gold splatter around will do just fine. This color and length are a little more laid back like sipping hot cocoa on a cold winter day with your comfy sweater on.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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24. Yellow Coffin Nail Art

Yellow coffin nails are a statement maker! Yellow is fun, vibrant, and eye-catching, but it also exudes happiness and positivity. So, if you want to attract vibrant and positive vibes, you can by painting your nails yellow. You may paint at least three nails with a bright, lemon yellow and neutralize them by painting one nail nude and white. Then, add a hint of glam and sass by spreading yellow glitters on the remaining nail.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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25. Acrylic Coffin Christmas Style

Now, if you want to be as festive as you can get with your acrylic coffin nails, go get this Christmas nail art. This coffin nail idea is perfect for creative and festive individuals. To achieve this look, you need to base-paint a few nails with red. You can keep some nails plain red and accent the others with white stripes (as if imitating a candy cane). Then, neutralize the whole look by base-painting the remaining nails with a nude color, topped off with snowflakes, silver glitters, and rhinestones.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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26. Coffin Nails with Diamond Design

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Who says you can’t put them on your nails, too? To style coffin nails with diamonds, you must first coat your nails with a nude base. Then, full-coat some nails with silver glitter while keeping the glitter as an accent on the other nails. If you want to add more style to the plain nude nails, you may add a French tip and diamonds of various measurements.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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27. Glitter Coffin Nail Art

If you want your nails to look like a party, going for full-on glitter is a great design. To achieve this look, you may ditch any base colors and keep your acrylic nails as is. Then, playfully sprinkle the glitter on your nails. Your nails would look great if the glitter sizes varied. This is a fun twist on your typical color-coated coffin nails.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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28. Summer Coffin Acrylic Nail Style

If you want to hold summer right on your fingertips, take note of this fun design. Having long coffin acrylic nails with the usual plain colors is such a bore. So, try on a mixture of hot pink and dark yellow (almost mustard) colors. Remember to keep the coating thick and rich to make it bold and vibrant. Then, take it a notch higher by painting a picturesque sunset by the sea, a coconut tree, and birds on a pink and yellow ombre background.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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29. Coffin Black and White Nail Pattern

Are you torn between black and white? The answer is to use both! To make these colors look beautiful on your nails together, tone it down first by using a nude color for the base. On one hand, color your nail extension with black and lace it with white drawings. And on the opposite hand, invert the colors by coating the nail extension with white and lacing it with black drawings.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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30. Coffin Burgundy Nails

Burgundy, one of the primary colors of fall, is a rich brownish-red shade. This color is a fall favorite, but you can wear this year-round if you want to! Like hot red, wearing this color also exudes the aura of power and class. Glossy burgundy also looks good on coffin nails that don’t have super-defined edges, making it look formal.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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31. Coffin Rose Gold Nail Design

Rose gold is an elegant color that’s in between metallic pink and gold with a warm undertone. If you love the nudes and neutrals, rose gold can be your stepping stone out of your comfort zone. There are different ways to style rose gold coffin nails, but a beautiful option is to paint your entire nails with it and fill them with many glitters of the same color.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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32. Coffin Winter Nail Art

We already know how to style spring, summer, and fall nails. Now, we’re off to the last season—winter. To have your coffin nails ready to strut the winter runway, coat your nails with a thin layer of glossy white nail color. Then, imitate snow by coating some nails with silver and white glitter. On the plain nails, add little rhinestones near the nail folds.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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33. Classy Coffin Nails Short Style

Another way to sport your short coffin nails is to paint them neutral and light with strobes of white paint. For this style to look chicer and classier, you may keep the edges more emphasized and shaped. This style is perfect for formal and casual looks. However, you can color this with bright and bold colors and in any way you want it to be.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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34. Coffin Black and Gold Nail Pattern

Are you invited to an evening banquet, but you don’t have the slightest idea of what to do with your nails? Worry not because we’ve got you covered! This two-toned nude and black with lavish gold dust is the perfect color. It looks bold but elegant. This color will also accentuate a beautiful black or gold dress and sparkling gold accessories.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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35. Coffin Blue Acrylic Nails

We’ve talked about the uniqueness and playfulness of royal blue. However, if you’re too scared to put on that color, you may opt for a lighter, cooler, and more muted blue. These matte blue acrylic nails are simple, subtle, and safe. You don’t have to worry about getting too much attention or about what clothes to pair them with.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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36. Coffin Red and Black Nail Design

If you aren’t the shy and subtle type who wants to settle for a light color, these nails are for you. Turn heads with these coffin nails that are almost teardrop-shaped. These glossy red and black ombre coffin nails have bold, fearless, and striking written all over them. Heavy red and black nails are for the risk-takers and the fearless.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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37. Halloween Coffin Nail Art

These Halloween coffin nails are another atypical and non-traditional design. The base consists of a glossy light pink shade, while the foreground includes pink flamelike designs with purple edges, ghosts, bats, and the famous ghost sound BOO. This style is the perfect alternative from the traditional orange, black, brown, and white colors of Halloween. Out with the old; in with the new!

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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38. Beige Coffin Nail Style

If you want to achieve a formal coffin nail look that’s perfect for your everyday get-up in the office, or if you want that no-nail-polish look, beige is the right color for you. This nail idea is for our simple and laid-back ladies who prefer not to draw too much attention to their nails. Beige is also a great color if you want to put more emphasis on your rings than on your nails.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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39. Coffin Louis Vuitton Pattern

Sometimes, designer bags go best with designer nails. So, if you want to pair that cute Louis Vuitton monogram bag with LV-inspired nails, you better take down notes on this design. To accomplish this idea, grab that lightest shade of pink or nude off the shelf and paint on all of your nails. If you like, emphasize the oval shape of your real nails. Then, on your nails’ extended portion, put on some cute baby pink shade with white LV designs. You may use the traditional brown color of LV, but pink would be great and unique, too!

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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40. Maroon Coffin Nails

If you want a plain fall-themed nail color, you can go for maroon. Maroon is the perfect replacement if you have no burgundy and brown shades. However, maroon coffin nails can be worn throughout the year. Maroon is a bold and powerful color and perfectly matches your gold rings! You can place this color on both sharp-edged coffin nails and teardrop-shaped coffin nails.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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41. Purple Nails Coffin Design

Aside from royal blue, purple is also closely-associated with power and royalty. You can choose from various shades depending on what you want to achieve with your nails. And if you neither want to be too boring nor too extravagant, you can paint most of your nails with a plain purple color and fill one nail with many rhinestones. If you want, you may also add some glitters or nail art.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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42. Coffin Gothic Nail Art

Are you goth and fearful of putting on some bright and feminine colors? Rejoice because this design is tailor-made for you! Get your darkest black nail polish and coat it on all of your nails. Next, get your non-glossy white nail polish and some nail art tools. Then, draw whatever gothic design you want to, a skull and a pentagram star, for example.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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43. Coffin Lavender Nail Style

Lavender is the lighter and softer shade of purple, and it’s almost pastel-like. This color is neither too bright nor too dull. Placed on its own, lavender can already look so beautiful. You may also spice it up by mixing it with a little peach shade. And to break the monotony of colors, fill some nails with tiny diamonds and a purple marble design on top of the peach nail.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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44. Coffin Marble Nail Pattern

Coffin marble nails are unique, classy, and exquisite at the same time. Marble designs look better on long nails than on shorter ones. You may go for a subtle glossy nude or white marble color, or glossy black and maroon colors with gold outlines.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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45. Coffin Sunflower Nails

Coffin sunflower nails must be on your list for the spring (or summer) season! It’s a cute design and popular design, not only for clothes but for nails, too. Sunflowers give off fresh, youthful, and carefree vibes. For this, use a light brown color as a base for your nails, then paint tiny dark brown plants all over them. Afterward, draw sunflowers on the desired nails.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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46. Wedding Nails Coffin Design

Some brides want a plain white or nude on the biggest day of their lives. However, some want to give it all out and make their nails all matchy-matchy with their wedding gowns. Keep your coffin nails on a decent length and make glossy pearl white your base color. Then, sprinkle some gray glitters on one or a few nails and diamonds on some.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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47. Rose Gold Kylie Jenner Coffin Nail Art

When we think of Kylie Jenner, we think of makeup and skincare products, and her products come with pretty pink packaging. Hence, this coffin nails design! If you want some Kylie Jenner written all over your nails, go for this. To start, base-paint your nail with a light blush pink color, then add some pink marble and gold glitter designs.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

via @katielou_thenailartist

48. Peach Coffin Nail Style

If you’re undecided on what to do with your nails for the summer, consider this neon peach design. This color is as vibrant and playful as our forenamed summer nails recommendation. Just take it a step fun by adding black, white, and peach marble on one nail of each hand. Pair this with that bright peach or orange swimsuit, and off you go to the beach.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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49. Black Tip Coffin Nail Pattern

If you want to put only a hint of black on your nails, these black tip coffin nails are a must-try. Keep the base of your nails nude or similar to your nails’ original color, then color the tips with black. To make this not look as if you’ve got dirt on the tip of your nails, make the black paint thicker than what we usually do with white French tips. Then, put a tiny black heart to add the cute factor.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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50. Coffin Heart Nails

If you don’t feel like looking hot and sultry on your Valentine’s date, keep it cute and simple with this coffin heart nails idea. Keep it simpler by maintaining your nails at medium length. Then, coat the base with either a light blush pink or old rose color, and add a single tiny red heart on different areas of every nail.

50 Ways to Rock Your Coffin Nails

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