50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022


Tattoos stay on your skin forever, and once you decide to get them off, you’ll have to undergo an intensely painful laser removal. Getting a tattoo on your own takes commitment and dedication. Meanwhile, getting a matching couple tattoo with your partner takes twice that responsibility. It’s a grand gesture that you need to think thoroughly before letting your artist place a permanent mark on you and your significant other.

A matching ink forms a connection to the other person. It’s a mark that will always remind you of the other person and your time together. Hence, it’s essential to choose a design that you both love. This way, even if you decide to go your separate ways (God forbid that you never will!), you won’t end up resenting the design or the person who holds the other half of it. But if you’ve made up your mind about making your relationship and tattoos last, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Small Couple Tattoo Design

Choosing a design you both will love might be tricky, especially if it’s your first time. If you’re not keen on getting a huge piece, you can keep it subtle with a tiny heart, your initials put together, your pet name for each other, or the date of your anniversary. Not only will your tattoos look cute side by side, getting a smaller design won’t hurt as much.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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2. Cute Couple Tattoo Style

Couples constantly look for fun things to do together, especially one that creates lasting memories. If you’re one of those couples looking for a next adventure, include getting matching tattoos on your bucket list. There are thousands of designs to choose from. The fun part is you get to have fun with what design you’ll get. Getting a cute and subtle design, like hearts, cartoon characters, computer game figures, or a short quote, is a good way to start. Place your chosen ink in the same spot, and you’ll both have something that connects you forever.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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3. Meaningful Couple Tattoo Art

When you spend a notable amount of time with someone special, you’re bound to have meaningful moments together. What better way to commemorate these special moments in life than a matching tattoo? Choose a symbol or illustration that only the two of you understand—kind of like a secret language or an inside joke. You can opt for identical tattoos or a pair of objects like sun and star, lock and key, or yin and yang.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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4. Married Couple Tattoo Pattern

Married couples always look for things to do together. If you’re one of these couples, add getting a matching tattoo on your bucket list. Getting a couple tattoo isn’t only fun, but it can also be a way of reaffirming your commitment to each other. You and your partner have had a fair share of memorable moments together, making way for limitless tattoo options. These choices include your anniversary, your spouse’s initials, or matching symbols. If you have kids, you can get their names or birthdays as inspiration for your next tattoo.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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5. Couple Finger Tattoos

Tattoos on fingers are one of the top ink placements due to their sleek and elegant look. Your finger is also the perfect canvas for subtle and minimalist designs. Even though you need extra care to preserve the quality of your ink, it’s nice to have a tattoo that’s always in your line of vision. For couples looking for a matching tattoo design, a circle that goes around your ring finger is a great alternative for wedding bands. If you’re not married yet, you can go for a dainty matching set of hearts, arrows, or whatever design you like.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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6. Couple Ring Tattoo Design

You typically wear a traditional engagement ring or wedding band if you’re engaged or married. These rings can be pretty expensive and can be misplaced if you’re not careful. Before settling on a piece of jewelry to signify your lifelong commitment to your partner, there’s an alternative that can never be misplaced and will stay on your finger forever. Ring tattoos are getting the attention of couples who wish to seal their loyalty to each other. You can go for clean lines or add unique designs to set you apart from other couples.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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7. Disney Couple Tattoo Style

Disney films and TV shows are filled with images reminiscent of childhood and youth. Preserve this nostalgic feeling by getting a matching Disney tattoo with your significant other. Just like you and your boyfriend or girlfriend, there are Disney characters perfectly matched for each other. Take Minnie and Mickey Mouse as an example, the classic Disney pairing beloved by generations. If you prefer identical over complementary tattoos, choose a Disney character you both love and have it inked on your ideal body part.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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8. Lock and Key Couple Tattoo Art

The lock and key combination is one of the most in-demand matching couple tattoo designs. It has different meanings and is always up for interpretation. The two items are always associated with each other. Locks don’t open without keys, and just like you and your partner, you need each other for your relationship to work. Opening and closing keys is also a symbolism of being honest with your partner and keeping each other’s trust and confidentiality.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022


9. Sun and Moon Couple Tattoo Pattern

The line “opposites attract” is true for many couples. If you’re one of those couples who have this dynamic and are both thinking of getting tattoos, a matching sun and moon tattoo is a perfect ink idea. They represent you and your partner’s complex traits and characters, but these differences provide balance in your relationship. Just like the sun and moon, you are each other’s counterparts. Nothing represents you more than these two celestial bodies.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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10. Couple Puzzle Piece Tattoo

A cute way of showing that your partner completes you is by getting a matching tattoo in the shape of puzzle pieces. A puzzle tattoo is quirky and youthful. It’s especially more personal if you two love playing puzzles together. Have fun picking out a design by playing around with its color, size, and tattoo style. You can even put a spin on it by going for multiple puzzle pieces.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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11. Couple Tattoo Heart Design

Choosing a matching couple tattoo can become overwhelming since there are thousands of inspirations not just online but all around you. However, you might find that a heart-shaped tattoo will be the most suitable design for you. Hearts symbolize love, passion, and affection, which you need in a relationship. The next step is to decide on your matching heart tattoos’ color, size, and style. Choose a heart design that reflects you and your partner’s personalities and preferences.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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12. Jack and Sally Tattoos for Couples

Everyone is familiar with Tim Burton’s gothic and bizarre yet lovable animated characters. These iconic characters include lovers Jack Skellington and Sally from the classic film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” If you and your other half are both fans of the film, getting a Jack and Sally-themed tattoo is an extraordinary idea. Just like this iconic couple, you and your partner may have clashing personalities at times, but you always balance each other amidst your differences.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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13. Lion Couple Tattoo Style

The lion is a proud animal that exudes confidence and an air of royalty. Individuals with a lion tattoo radiate the same impressive characteristics. If you and your other half revere the proud lion, getting a matching lion-inspired ink shows just how much you love this king of the jungle. You can go for an identical tattoo or his and her matching ink. You both can have a lion and lioness side by side, or you get one each. Just think how fierce your matching set will be once you’re done.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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14. Yin Yang Couple Tattoo Art

Being in a relationship, you’ll soon discover that you and your partner have different personalities, and they stay the same no matter what you do. It might sound like something that could cause friction between you, but having opposite traits is actually healthy. Just like the yin and yang symbol, you’re opposites, but you complement each other. Your differences make you coexist harmoniously, and there’s nothing better to show this than by getting a yin yang matching couple tattoo.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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15. Anchor Couple Tattoo Pattern

There’s no better way to reaffirm how steady your relationship is with your boyfriend or girlfriend than by getting a matching anchor-inspired tattoo. This symbol of steadfastness is an excellent portrayal of a loving relationship. You and your partner can have fun selecting an anchor design by exploring different styles, colors, and sizes. You can even combine it with additional details like a compass, roses, and the infinity symbol.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022


16. Country Couple Tattoo Design

Imagine yourself driving through the countryside with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s full of imagery that you want to take in for as long as you can. When you’ve been to the countryside, and you loved it so much, always remember the feeling by getting a country-inspired tattoo. Choose from designs that spark up your nostalgia, such as cowboy boots, trees, and the rolling hills. If you’re into country music, get an acoustic guitar, musical notes, or your favorite lyrics as your next tattoo inspiration.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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17. Couple Tattoos Quotes

There are thousands of matching couple tattoo inspirations you can get with your significant other. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. But if you’re both not into drawings and fancy something small, get a tattoo of a meaningful quote instead. You can get one from a poem, book, or person. Quotes may be simple, but they hold deep meanings with even more complex interpretations. Quote tattoos are very personal, so choose one that truly resonates with you and your partner.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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18. Couples Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Style

Everyone’s familiar with the classic story of Beauty and the Beast. It’s universally known and well-loved by children and adults alike. If you’re looking for ink inspiration for you and your partner, you can get Beauty and the Beast matching tattoos. Aside from these two characters, there are also Lumiere, Chip, and Mrs. Potts. You can also get subtle references like a rose inside a bell jar.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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19. Soulmate Everlasting Love Couple Tattoo Art

A soulmate is someone you share an inexplicably deep connection with. You share a special relationship with this person, and the best way to convey this is by getting a matching tattoo. Simply get the word “soulmate” in a delicate font. If you’re not someone who would go for the obvious, think of a symbol that has a deep connection to you both like a red string. Legend says an invisible red string links two soulmates, so they’ll always find their way wherever they may be.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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20. Star Wars Couple Tattoo Pattern

The Star Wars franchise is one of the most followed sagas in movie history. It has been a source of endless pop culture references and has gained millions of fans across the globe. If you happen to be one of these followers, show your loyalty by getting a tattoo of your favorite Star Wars symbols or quotes. Make it even better by having a matching set with your partner. You can also get identical glowing lightsabers or a portrait of your favorite character.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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21. Lesbian Couple Tattoo Design

Just like any other couples, there are various tattoo designs perfect for same-sex partners. Rainbow-themed tattoos to represent LGBT-Q pride are among the top and popular choices. If you’re veering away from this type of aesthetic, you can take inspiration from your shared experiences. You can go for delicate floral ink or badass tattoos. The most important part is your adventure in choosing the perfect tattoo with your partner.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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22. True Love Couple Tattoo Style

There’s no better way of saying you’ve found true love in your significant other than matching tattoos. Being committed to tattoos is similar to renewing your devotion to your partner, as you know they last forever. There are different ways to show your love through tattoos. One of which is having your anniversary as your next ink. There’s also an option of getting relevant quotes that resonate deeply with your relationship. Getting symbols that reflect your favorite hobbies together is also a charming tribute to how close you’ve been through the years.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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23. Couples King and Queen Tattoo Art

When you’re in a loving and committed relationship, you make sure to treat each other like a king and queen. Make each other feel like you’re living the royalty dream by getting a king and queen tattoo. There are different ways to manifest this tattoo. One way of doing it is to ink the words king and queen. Other interpretations include crowns, chess pieces, and poker card symbols. Put two or three elements together for a fun twist.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022


24. Skull Couple Tattoo Pattern

Skulls generally represent death and spirituality. This symbol is associated with different cultures and traditions, like Mexico’s Day of the Dead. Skulls are unique matching tattoo design ideas you can share with your partner. Having one doesn’t have to be macabre, but it can symbolize the celebration of life and its cycles. If a realistic skull isn’t your style, you can go for a minimalist twist or a cartoon version. You can also add other design elements like flowers or festive illustrations.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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25. Wrist Couple Tattoos

Wrist tattoos look sexy and sophisticated. It’s also one of the least painful spots to get a tattoo. When you’re new to having one, it’s a great spot for a small and minimalist design. As the wrist is a versatile tattoo spot for both men and women, you can get a matching wrist tattoo with your partner. Choose a design that you both love. It could either be your favorite movie character, a quote about relationships, or his and her tattoo.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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26. Couple His and Her Tattoo Design

His and her tattoos are a cute way to remind your boyfriend or girlfriend how much you love them. It’s a nice way of having a connection that could last a lifetime. When looking for your next matching tattoo design, you and your partner can opt for identical-looking patterns, or you’ll each have unique designs but with the same theme. Whatever pattern you choose, it’s important that you’ll both have fun in the process. Many tattoo examples are available everywhere but take inspiration from what matters most: your relationship.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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27. Matching Tattoos for Black Couples

Tattoos on dark skin might be tricky, but don’t let this stop you and your partner from getting a matching tattoo design you love. For couples with darker skin tones, work with an artist who knows how to use vibrant colors with your skin color. Don’t be intimidated to explore and choose multi-colored tattoos over the usual black and white ink.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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28. Wolf Couple Tattoo Style

Wolves are majestic creatures associated with intelligence, freedom, and protection. If your spirit animal is a wolf, get a tattoo inspired by this fierce creature. Even better, get matching wolf couple tattoos with your partner. Explore different tattoo designs that fit your style and character. Wolf tattoos come in various forms, including geometric, traditional, minimalist, and tribal. Enhance your tattoo by adding other elements like dream catchers and watercolor strokes.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022


29. Badass Couple Tattoo Art

If you’re the type of couple who do your own thing and don’t take crap from other people, you’re a true badass pairing. What better way to express this than by getting a cheeky matching couple tattoo? Show your mischievous side with a daredevil tattoo style. Pick out a daring design that says you’re a savage couple, may it be a gangster-inspired ink or a controversial quote. There’s no stopping your imagination, little rebels.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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30. Minimalist Couple Tattoo Pattern

Minimalist ink is ideal if you and your partner aren’t fans of multi-colored and overly detailed tattoos. Minimalist tattoos use crisp, clean lines with minimal shading, creating defined designs. Due to their simplicity, they look good on any body part, especially your arms, neck, and fingers. Almost any design element can turn into a minimalist tattoo. Geometric shapes, florals, and quotes are among the top patterns.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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31. Harry Potter Couple Tattoo Design

If you and your partner are both Potterheads, you can take a good deal of inspiration from your favorite Harry Potter movies. There are hundreds of imagery to choose from—spell names, owls, wands, and memorable phrases. Show your love for this beloved series than having your respective Houses as tattoos, or go all out with a Hogwarts castle tattoo. If subtle is your style, get matching thunderbolts or Harry’s distinct round eyeglasses. For something more romantic, be inspired by Snape’s undying love for Lily and have the unforgettable line “Always” as a matching tattoo.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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32. Nerdy Couple Tattoo Style

When dating someone, you end up sharing similar hobbies and interests. These pastimes might include playing video games, reading comics, or binge-watching futuristic movies. When you and your partner proclaim yourselves as nerds who love doing these things together, remind each other of the fun times you have by getting matching couple tattoos. Get inspiration from your favorite literature as your first or next tattoo design, may it be an animated character or someone straight out of a comic book.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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33. Couple Symbol Tattoo Art

Couples looking for matching tattoos will find thousands of design inspirations online through movies, TV shows, books, and even from their own experiences. If you’re a couple looking for your next ink pattern, you’re probably looking for symbols that represent your connection with each other. Go for a subtle design like X and O, which stands for hugs and kisses. If you’re looking for something more relevant to you and your partner, consider your favorite things to do together and turn those into your next ink.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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34. Couples Fishing Tattoo Pattern

Nothing says you’re hooked on your sweetheart than a matching fishing tattoo. This type of tattoo is especially fitting for couples who enjoy taking their boat out to the lake for fishing. If your partner loves fishing and tattoos as much as you do, you can get matching fishing-inspired ink like hooks, a boat, or even your favorite fish. Not only does it show off your favorite hobby, but it also speaks of how laidback you both can be.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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35. Deer Couple Tattoos

Deers represent many things—they’re a symbol of intelligence, nobility, and beauty. These elegant creatures are prime figures in Celtic legends as they’re believed to be guardians of a magical world. Deers are also known for their duality. They’re graceful and feminine, but they have a hunting prowess unmatched by other animals. A matching deer couple ink is a great his and her tattoo idea. You and your partner can go for light tattoo strokes that would represent a deer’s grace and stealth.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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36. Dragon Couple Tattoo Design

Dragons are a prominent figure in many cultures and traditions and even made their way to pop culture. With movies like “How to Train Your Dragon” and TV shows like “Game of Thrones,” dragons have cemented their mark as fascinating creatures. Grab your partner and join the dragon craze by getting a dragon-inspired tattoo. There are different variations of designs taken from different cultures to inspire you. There’s the Western dragon and the oriental one. However, it’s important to note that these creatures appear differently and have individual traits. So, choose one with the most fitting background to avoid offending other cultures.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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37. Gay Couple Tattoo Style

Show your pride by getting matching couple tattoos with your beau. While a pride flag is always a good idea, there are other LGBT-Q-inspired tattoo designs you can choose from. If you and your partner want to depart from rainbow aesthetics, you can always go for designs that are more personal and relevant to your relationship. It can be your partner’s birth date, a quote that only you two can understand, or any image you like. After all, matching couple tattoos should represent your story.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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38. Nightmare Before Christmas Couple Tattoo Art

If you enjoyed the whimsical and magical world of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” honor it with a matching tattoo with your partner. Choose from the many surreal imagery created by this fantastical film. You can also pay homage to Jack and Sally by getting his and her tattoos. That scene where they kissed on top of Spiral Hill is just an ink-worthy aesthetic.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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39. Penguin Couple Tattoo Pattern

Not only are penguins adorable, but they also radiate positivity, goodness, and happiness. If you possess similar characteristics, a penguin-inspired ink should be a part of your tattoo bucket list. Penguins are also monogamous animals, so a penguin tattoo is a good idea for a matching couple tattoo. A penguin ink symbolizes your loyalty and faithfulness to your partner. You can even get a family of penguins if you already have a family of your own.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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40. Small Harley Quinn and Joker Couple Tattoos

While Harley Quinn and Joker’s relationship isn’t the healthiest, they still are one of the most iconic duos in comic and cinematic history. If you and your partner are both fans, getting a matching tattoo is a fun way to honor this capricious pairing. You can go all out with a large and detailed pattern showing off the vibrance of Harley’s black and red costume and Joker’s acid green hair. If you’re not ready for a large tattoo, go for something more subtle and smaller design of her jester cap and his menacing grin.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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41. Bow and Arrow Couple Tattoo Design

Cupid is a well-known figure who makes people fall in love by shooting arrows from his bows and hitting two unsuspecting soulmates. Due to this cheeky ability, he has gained the title of the “god of love.” If you’ve already met your soulmate, show Cupid your gratitude by getting a matching bow and arrow tattoo with your other half. In other literary forms, the bow and arrow signify strength, power, and love, making this tool a great tattoo design inspiration.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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42. Gangster Couple Tattoo Style

Show your partner some tough love by getting matching gangster couple tattoos. Get in touch with your rebellious side with gangster-inspired symbols like pistols, skulls, or a bandana-covered face. You can also tattoo your favorite character or quotes from mobster movies like “Scarface” and “The Godfather” franchise. If gang symbols are too rough for you, add floral elements or cute doodles to soften the look.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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43. Mickey and Minnie Tattoos for Couples

Mickey and Minnie Mouse first appeared during the 1920s, and this classic love team has been giving couple goals ever since. They’re a perfect picture of love, energy, and youth. If you’re an upbeat couple who happen to be fans of these iconic characters, you’ll definitely enjoy a matching Mickey and Minnie mouse tattoo. Their vibrant red and white outfits and ear-to-ear smile are such a delight to just about anyone.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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44. Bird Couple Tattoo Art

Birds are a symbol of freedom, independence, and happiness. They’re also one of the most loyal creatures. Getting bird tattoos is a cute matching couple tattoo idea to try with your partner. Choose a bird that reflects both of your personalities. For example, owls are mysterious birds that represent wisdom, agile hummingbirds radiate upbeat energy, while eagles are fierce hunters that symbolize power and cunning. Lovebirds, swans, and finches are birds that mate for life. Getting a tattoo with one of these birds as your inspiration is a good way of telling your partner that your bond will last for ages.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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45. Celtic Couple Tattoo Pattern

Celtic tattoos have been a popular tattoo design ever since they’ve been spotted on Celtic warriors. They’re a combination of waves, spirals, and dots that form different shapes. The appreciation for this tattoo pattern only continues to grow. Also, Celtic knots possess different meanings that take inspiration from nature. If you and your partner have a fondness or anything Celtic, it’s time to get on the tattoo chair and ink a pattern that means something to you both.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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46. Creative Couple Tattoo Design

Most couples go for obvious designs when getting matching tattoos. If you’re not the type of couple who go for the usual tiny hearts, sappy quotes, or anniversary dates, a more creative and unique ink might suit your taste. Avocado halves, odd shapes that only form when it’s connected to its other half, and cryptic symbols with personal meanings are just a few alternatives for your one-of-a-kind matching ink aesthetic.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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47. Gamer Couple Tattoo Style

Celebrate your and your partner’s love of video games with matching gamer couple tattoos. Pay homage to gaming character pairings like Mario and Peach, Pacman and Ms. Pacman, and Link and Zelda. In video games, hearts are universal icons for life or health. A heart is also associated with love and romance, making it a perfect tattoo for you and your gamer boyfriend or girlfriend.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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48. Marvel Couple Tattoo Art

Transform your appreciation of Marvel comics and movies into matching tattoos with your other half. There are hundreds of powerful superheroes from this riveting pop-culture multiverse to choose from. If you prefer a more subtle pattern, you can use symbols to reference your favorite character. There’s Captain America’s shield, Spiderman’s web, or Thor’s hammer. If you’re having difficulty choosing which one you’ll get, just think of what superpowers you’d like to have yourself and start with that.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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49. Avocado Couple Tattoo Pattern

Avocados have become popular, thanks to avocado toast being viral on social media. Jump in on the whole avocado goodness bandwagon by getting a matching tattoo with your partner. If you’re both health nuts, an avocado tattoo is perfect for you as it represents vitality and good health. This fruit is also said to be an aphrodisiac, making it a sensual and fun tattoo option.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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50. Cartoon Couple Tattoos

If you’re a child at heart who likes cartoons, and so does your partner, a cartoon-inspired couple tattoo will delight you both. Release your inner kid and get your favorite cartoon character as your next tattoo. Choose one that reminded you of your childhood or one that you and your partner enjoyed watching when you were younger. If you still love watching cartoons to this day, your favorite show can be your next inspiration, too. Pick out a colorful and bright design to truly bring out the vibrance of your favorite cartoon.

50 Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas to Try this 2022

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