Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age


Although men’s fashion is not that fast-changing, it still offers plenty of trendy hairstyles for lads to don. However, an average man doesn’t have a beauty squad around him to decide whether a new fancy cut will look good on his fine hair or whether this style will complement his facial features. Here is where classic men’s haircuts make all the difference, as they flatter most face shapes and can be customized to wavy and straight hair.

In this article, we are going to present ten hairstyles for both short hair and medium length, which ooze timeless style. They can be pulled off by men with thick or thin hair, so you are sure to find a classic look that suits you best.

1. Slicked Back Hairstyle for Men

From Collin Farrel, who has an oblong facial shape, to Leonardo Di Caprio with his distinctively round face, A-listers keep showing why the pulled-back hairstyle remains popular throughout the years: it is easily customisable to fit different face shapes. And apart from looking incredibly stylish with both clean-shaven faces and beards, it also works fine with most hair types, except for wavy hair. While it will be tricky to make unruly curls stay in place without plenty of styling products applied, the slicked back hairstyle has every chance to become a favorite haircut for boys with straight hair, as it doesn’t require much styling. However, thin hair holds the style better than very thick hair, which may need extra time and more pomade to look right.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age

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2. Outstanding Pompadour Hairstyle

Modern Pompadour hairstyles for men come in many variations, which allow adapting the pomp to the facial features and even lifestyle of most men. Yet, since a brushed up hairstyle adds a dimension galore on the top, it’s the best pick for an oval, triangle, or round face shape. If you happen to have a thin or long face, you will need your barber to leave more hair on the sides to balance the look. As for hair texture, straight or a bit wavy hair will love the style, while fine hair may not hold the volume even with the help of a hair styling product.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age

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3. Comb Over Haircut

When thinking of the most versatile medium-length cut among evergreen hairstyles for gents, the first thing to pop in mind is the hair combed to the side. Indeed, you can go for a classic haircut with a side part to mimic George Clooney’s iconic look or couple the longer hair on the top with an undercut to create a dramatic contrast. A comb over fade, a razor-cut hard part, and a tapered neckline are just some of the options available for guys looking for the best haircuts to match their face shape and lifestyle. If you are a bold, free-spirited man, choose a high fade comb over; if you need to have a more professional, neat look, opt for a soft side part and appropriately trimmed sides. Although the style is best suited for straight hair, curly-haired boys can sport it with longer locks left on the top.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age

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4. Quiff Haircut

The quiff is one more option from the “pull it up and back” family of classic hairstyles for men. Unlike the pomp, it is less voluminous and heavy, thus being a more low-maintenance style. However, it still requires some time and styling products like a hair mousse to apply to the towel-dried hair before you blow-dry it or hair wax to use after drying for a textured finish. But this is just why the quiff hairstyle remains so fashionable — it easily accommodates new trends, such as short faded sides or a messy look. Anyway, you will need to grow your hair to a medium length and make sure you have no receding hairline to pull off this style.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age

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5. High Skin Fade Haircut

High fade hairstyles have come a long way from a Marine Corps high and tight haircut to fancy combinations with a quiff or faux hawk. Nowadays, it pairs the classic look of the cropped sides and back with a dramatic gradient fading into the skin. Since you can keep this classic cut rather short all over the head, it almost doesn’t matter what hair type or hair texture you have (however, the healthy look of your scalp does matter). Both wavy and straight hair can be shown to the advantage with the right choice of length, texture, and gradient. In the best-case scenario, you won’t even need hair products to style the cut, but you’d better get a styling gel or texturizing paste for longer versions.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age

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6. Taper Haircut

While high fade hairstyles deliver bold transitions, taper cuts offer a softer take on the graduation. This option covers an abundance of hairstyles where the back and sides are taper-cut around the hairline without going too short and fading into the skin. That’s why it’s a good style for anyone who would like to stick to a classic look, still enjoying much flexibility. And a taper fade can chime with everything you can imagine: a pompadour, side part, long crown, and so on.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age

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7. Crew Haircut

As we are going down from showy hairstyles to simpler alternatives that require less styling, the military-inspired haircut definitely deserves our attention. It comes with a neat look, which is always in vogue, but allows for little twists to get an edgier feel and better complement different hair and face types. The low-maintenance haircut keeps the hair quite short all around the perimeter while leaving longer pieces on the top to play with.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age

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8. Buzz Haircut

This simple and short haircut is our all-time favourite, as it is easy to style and to get (meaning, a boy doesn’t need to know all those vogue words to explain what he wants). And since we know that shorter hair makes a face the main focal point, this classic hairstyle radiates confidence and masculinity. Although it basically flatters oval and square face shapes, your barber can customise the cut to balance your facial features. Moreover, it’s one of few cuts that can perfectly camouflage a receding hairline.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age

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9. Hipster Haircut

Well, if you don’t mind growing a beard and stuffing your bathroom with styling products, a hipster haircut might be your next choice. Facial hair is not a must: the main thing is to achieve a dramatic contrast between the short hair on the sides and longer strands on the top. The top pieces can be styled in different ways, from classic slick back styling to sweeping on the side or shaping the hair up. The hairstyle usually comes with tapered sides, all kinds of fades, or an undercut.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age

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10. Caesar Haircut

When asked, What is the most popular hairstyle for lads ever? We should admit that no other hairdo has lasted as long as the Caesar haircut. The first appearance of this short all over the head cut with a straight fringe dates back to the Roman Empire, while it saw a new wave of popularity in the 1950th. Today, the classic style is spiced up with a skin fade on the sides, long full bangs on the front, or messy styling. It can be a nice pick for gents with oval, diamond, and rectangular faces, especially if they need to hide receding patches on the forehead.

Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircut Ideas that Look Trendy at Any Age

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What Is The Most Popular Men’s Hairstyle?

Although we cannot single out one particular hairstyle, some surveys show that a beadhead look, mullet, side part, undercut, and curtain bangs are among everyone’s favourites. According to barbers, Jason Momoa’s long and layered look, French crops, and textured quiffs are the hottest at the moment.

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